No, There Aren’t Always Two Sides

  By Galia Sprung The conscious choices we make are innocent enough when we are babies, but we quickly learn the benefit of calculated choices: We learn that by aligning ourselves with the popular kids, the popular movements, the popular companies, we, too, can profit. We understand the advantages of making choices based on how we can advance and succeed rather than on what is Good and what is Evil. In Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken,” the narrator is at a crossroads in a wood and must choose between two similar paths. The narrator would like to be “one traveler” and have it all. But as Frost points out, we cannot “travel both.” The choice of which one is up to us and the traveler is aware that his choice will make “all the difference.” He may be choosing the path where wolves or snakes are abundant, but he is willing to dare. It is his own personal choice and the outcome impacts him alone.   “Long I stood…” says the narrator when relating the story.   However, there are